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Linum Internet Solution was founded in mid-January 2011 as Web Development Company, with the idea to provide variety of development services at one place

It is located in Serbia, in Belgrade city center, reachable in less than 2 flight hours from most European cities.

We use experience and knowledge to get ahead of clients’ competitors. Our team of developers are young, but very experienced individuals, so we combine the best of both worlds. With the ability to adapt to every new technical development quickly, the development team guarantees high software performance. We are always evolving, learning and implementing all the new development trends in order to be able to deliver the highest work quality. We are pleased to be involved in finding solutions for your projects or bringing your ideas to life.

If you seek to implement efficient cost-cutting solutions, you are on the right track. Many Western European firms have been transferring tech projects eastward. For example, Deutsche Bank has some of its software development outsourced nearshore, Siemens possess an R&D center abroad, etc...

European outsourcing has produced outstanding results and, henceforward, they are constantly increasing them in numbers.

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Full range of Web Development Services is what makes us proud of its constant high quality and conformity with the latest web standards

As a development company we offer design and programming services for every aspect of web development at the most competitive prices.

WEB Development

Web Development includes all kinds of work concerning developing web applications for both the Internet and intranet. We deliver fast loading and eye catching software solutions with the rich and usable graphics and intuitive navigation.

Our clients are able to participate at all stages of project execution and make prompt changes. While developing, we use only leading edge and reliable web technologies to provide future-proof and highend web solutions. We always pay great attention to ensuring the security of our web projects as well as to ensuring confidentiality of our clients.
Our web developers have extensive expertise in delivering e-Commerce and Online Shopping web solutions that make your online business the most profitable one.

WEB Development Services:

  • PHP Applications Development
  • NodeJS Applications Development
  • React, React Native, Angular, JavaScript, jQuery
  • AJAX Development
  • MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • API services and documentation
  • Software architecture, wireframes and documentation
  • Project management and Consulting
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Development
  • Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton, Sass, Less
  • WordPress Website Development

Combine with our three main flexible business models for software development. They can be altered or combined at any stage of the cooperation.

  • Linum Outsourcing Model 2.0
  • Project Outsourcing – Fixed Cost
  • Post Paid Project Model
  • Mobile Development

    Linum Internet Solution constantly expands its facilities for Mobile and Tablet development in order to provide its clients with creative, high-end applications. In focusing on developing mobile apps, the company deals with the most complicated projects, with results that satisfy even the most demanding customers.

    We have successfully demonstrated awareness towards and are following the latest innovations in mobile application development. Our solutions have short development cycles and ease of management, which allows you to save your time and money.

    We provide application development for multiple platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Apple Watch, Apple TV), Google Android, Windows Phone 7, RIM BlackBerry.

    Mobile & Tablet Services:

    • Native mobile applications
    • React Native mobile application
    • Integration of Mobile solutions to Enterprise Systems
    • Mobile payment services
    • Custom mobile development services
    • Creating / Optimising web applications for mobile and tablet devices
    • Porting applications across various mobile platforms
    • Entertainment, games and mobile applications
    • HTML5 mobile application development
    • Social networking and community site implementation


    Linum Internet Solution has a wealth of experience in delivering web design services for projects of different sizes and complexity levels, optimized for printing or web purposes. We deliver with no quality limitations; everything depends on your requirements.

    Our design team provides advanced design solutions
    for enterprises, corporations and agencies.

    Design Services:

    • Usability (UI)
    • User Experience (UX)
    • Web Interface Design
    • Mock-ups
    • GUI Design
    • Mobile application
    • CMS and cPanel skins
    • Custom Website Design
    • Website Layout and Templates
    • Designing Buttons and Icons
    • Visual Identity
    • Graphic Standards Book
    • Business Documents
    • Banner Ads and Brochures Design
    • Logos and Brands
    • Package Design
    • Presentations


    Security of your web application is the most important thong. After analysing everything we allot each step a sufficient amount of time for testing and completion, so that the web application can be protected from attackers and other security vulnerabilities, thus ensuring your sensitive data is safe and untouched.

    There are seven key security concepts:

    • Authentication
    • Authorization
    • Confidentiality
    • Data / Message Integrity
    • Cryptography
    • Accountability
    • Availability
    • Non-Repudiation

    SEO and Internet Marketing services

    Linum Internet Solution delivers a complex Search Engine Optimization and Internet marketing services that will help you to get top search rankings and climb to the top of company lists in your area.

    SEO services are aimed at both corporate and consumer markets with primary focus on finding new clients for your business.

    • We can help you increase the daily volume of your visitors, which will directly improve your sales levels
    • Top Ranking at affordable rates
    • Our SEO managers have a huge SEO experience and in-depth knowledge of search algorithms
    • Our SEO strategy is well established and works well for all popular search engines
    • We deliver Off Page and On Page Optimization
    • Our clients are able to follow and participate at each stage of SEO process.

    SEO Services:

    • Analysis of your business and competitors
    • HTML source code optimization
    • Keywords research
    • Website content optimization
    • Meta data optimization
    • Links optimization
    • Link exchange campaigns
    • Increasing of targeted traffic
    • SEO support and consultancy

    Cooperation Cooperation | Linum Internet Solution



    Choose one of three business models that best fits you:
    Dedicated Development Team
    Project Outsourcing
    Post Paid Project Model

    Linum Internet Solution provides development services on the same way as client’s in-house development team, with the only difference that developers work from Belgrade.

    LOM - Linum Outsourcing Model 2.0: Dedicated Development Team

    The Linum Outsourcing Model 2.0 (LOM 2.0): Dedicated Software Development Team is ideal for companies which want to establish new or expand their existing software development needs, but are unable to do so for every resource due to cost, lack of qualified local expertise, inefficient recruiting or high fees to head hunters, because development on site is expensive, or for variety of other reasons.

    It a llows companies to hire their software development staffs and manage them directly. The Software developers are hired and managed by client, with our help to ensure that you get the best from the team. Our clients use LOM 2.0 to develop their core business applications or to optimize and improve their existing platforms.

    The Dedicated Software Development Team Model allows clients to build sustainability with minimal investment or risk, with Linum’s scalability and flexibility that evolves as markets shift.

    Dedicated Development Team is located in Belgrade and completely adapted to all needs and requirements, thereby saving client’s time and reducing costs.

    Cooperation Adventages | Linum Internet Solution Advantages of LOM 2.0

    Highly qualified IT specialists
    You gain access to the top developers for PHP, NodeJS, React, React Native, Angular, Java Script, jQuery, HTML, CSS, QA, Software Testers, Disgners (Web, UI, UX, Mobile), Mobile developers, Project Managers, Consultants and more in the IT.

    Flat rate
    There are no hidden costs. Linum Internet Solution follows a transparent pricing model, where total costs and terms are strictly defined by an agreement.

    Significant cost advantages
    Saving up to 50% of costs compared to establishing of an equivalent in-house team.

    Fast recruitment
    The pool of available IT specialists in Serbia enables a quick team building process in just a few weeks.

    Efficient partnership
    You get your own permanently employed nearshore employees, who work for you directly and under your management. Our management will use and implement your methodology into development process and developers have to work in the same way as your local in-house development team.

    All in one place services:
    By establishing Linum Outsourcing Model 2.0 for your Dedicated Software Development Team we provide allin-one, integrated services, at one place.

    Included Services:

    • Consulting
    • HR Services
    • Recruiting
    • Management
    • Creating Teams
    • Administration
    • Working Environment and Infrastructure
    • Implementation
    • Coaching
    • Partnership
    • Cooperation
    • Support

    Cooperation LOM 2.0 | Linum Internet Solution LOM 2.0 is not convenient if:

    If your project budget and timeline are clearly defined. Moreover, if you have low, limited budget or the project is small and quick, then it would be better for you to choose Project Outsourcing business model. But, if you have a medium-term project and no strict objective, then Post Paid Project Model will better suit you.

    Project Outsourcing – Fixed Cost

    Software Development Project Outsourcing provides project-based development services.

    Our Development Project Office (DPF) – develop any of the solutions for different industries, for web, mobile and desktop platforms. DPF provides immediate production capacity with a professional Project Management and a structured development process. Project Team will implement into the working product your project requirements or business vision. During development, we provide flexible development support, and frequent and efficient communication with clients.

    Comprehensive knowledge of WEB software and WEB application development combined with nearshore cost benefits, enables us to deliver high-quality development services primarily focused on minimizing project costs and maximizing profit.

    When to use
    Project Outsourcing – Fixed Cost Model is an ideal variant in cases where a client has determined the specifications of his project clearly. At this stage we analyze client’s requirements in order to estimate the cost of the project, its delivery date and workout, a detailed plan for project completion.

    Such model is used when the customer does not want to delve into the technical details of the project and plans to get ready solution within the determined project budget and timeline.

    Cooperation Adventages | Linum Internet Solution Advantages:

    • Fixed budget: Predictable costs
    • Well-defined time limits
    • Precise development plan and technical documentation

    Cooperation Important Project Outsourcing | Linum Internet Solution Important

    • Requirements must be defined before the project start
    • Resources are managed by the PM and they may vary depending on the conditions
    • Additional requests are paid over budget

    Project Outsourcing | Linum Internet Solution Project Outsourcing is not convenient if:

    In case it is hard to predict the precise cost, time limits, effort to be put in, the development process needs, control and improvement at any stage, and there is a certain risk for the client, and it is desirable to choose either Linum Outsourcing 2.0 Model or Post Paid Project Model.

    Post Paid Project Model

    Post Paid Project Model is adapted for long-term projects, when it is difficult to estimate the required resources and thus plan the budget. This model provides possibility to pay for company’s services in stage according to the payment agreement specified by the contract. After both sides have agreed on time limits, software, hardware, human and other resources required for your project, we invoice your monthly or weekly charge.

    This business model is quite flexible and highly efficient when it is difficult to predict the final cost of the project and when the customer’s requirements can vary depending on different factors.

    Post Paid Project Model | Linum Internet Solution Advantages:

    • Flexible and negotiable budget
    • Possibility to pay in stages
    • Low risk: project development can be changed or canceled at any stage

    Post Paid Project Model Important | Linum Internet Solution Important

    • No strictly defined time limits
    • The project budget is not limited
    • The client is highly involved in the development process, including the clearance and approval of time-sheets

    Post Paid Model | Linum Internet Solution Post Paid Project Model is not convenient if:

    You want to get more control over the project budget or to defi ne the time limits more clearly. In this case you should choose another pricing model: Linum Outsourcing 2.0 Model or Project Outsourcing - Fixed Cost.

    How we work How we work | Linum Internet Solution



    Great delivered products starts by understanding your needs, requirements and problems. We begin by asking questions

    At this stage, we provide:

    • Review of goals and objectives
    • Assessment of technical requirements
    • Assessment of future needs
    • Development of production schedules
    • A detailed schedule to guide the process

    At Linum Internet Solution, we believe that the design process is a collaboration that fuses our creative strengths with our client’s market expertise and vision to produce web development that delivers results.

    Development Methodology

    Phase I - Strategy and Research Consulting:
    Defining Strategy

    Because great design starts by understanding your needs, requirements and problems, we begin by asking questions. We work to understand your strategic goals, audience, project parameters and desired outcomes. We define the design problems and discover strategies for solving those problems effectively.

    Phase II - Planning:
    Mapping the Process

    We structure your design process so that every detail is accounted for and expectations are clear. The architecture of the site is designed in this phase. It is in this phase that wireframes, content outline, and functional outline are prepared.

    At this stage, we provide:

    • Information architecture
    • Navigation and user flow analysis
    • Application map
    • Wireframes

    Phase III - Design:
    Engineering Your Experience

    In this phase, we explore appearance, content and interaction. We work with you to create an overall digital experience that captures the essence of your organization and the way you relate to your users. Usability is a key focus here, including follow-through on the concepts detailed in the wireframes.

    At this stage, we provide:

    • Strategic design concepts for evaluation
    • Refined design direction for the chosen design direction
    • User flow
    • An interactive prototype

    Phase IV - Development and Integration:
    Bringing Your Strategy to Life

    During the development phase, your web application is brought to life. Key steps, at this point, include application setup, configuration, customization, and integration with third-party applications and tools.

    The work completed during the previous phases minimizes the need for step-by-step approvals and enables us to focus on implementing agreed-upon elements.

    At this stage, we provide:

    • Creation of look and feel
    • Development of templates
    • Development of final product

    Phase V - Testing and Delivery:
    Ensuring Quality

    With the system built and in place, this phase enables us to conduct rigorous and extensive quality assurance testing of your web site and associated applications.

    We don’t just look for what work; we also look for what doesn’t work.

    At this stage, we provide:

    • Testing of development site
    • Deployment of web application
    • Post-launch bug fixes

    Phase VI - Training and Maintenance:
    Ongoing Value

    Linum Internet Solution will provide a training sessions for your system administrators and staff on the proper use of the content management system (CMS). We offer several flexible maintenance plans based on the number of quarterly hours allocated to the site.

    We don’t just look for what work; we also look for what doesn’t work.

    At this stage, we provide:

    • Testing of development site
    • Deployment of web application
    • Post-launch bug fixes

    About Scrum

    Scrum is an Agile framework for completing complex projects:

    • A product owner creates a prioritized wish list called a product backlog
    • During sprint planning, the team pulls a small chunk from the top of that wish list, a sprint backlog, and decides how to implement those pieces
    • The team has a certain amount of time - a sprint (2 to 4 weeks) - to complete its work, but it meets each day to assess its progress (daily Scrum)
    • ScrumMaster keeps the team focused on its goal customer, put on a store shelf, or shown to a stakeholder.
    • The sprint ends with a review and retrospective
    • As the next sprint begins, the team chooses another chunk of the product backlog and begins working again

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    Projects Projects | Linum Internet Solution



    It doesn't meter if project has been huge or small, we are proud on every one of them

    WEB Applications

    RVLToo Web App

    Social Web Application for a users who are now able to upload their works and show their talents in writing, singing, playing, etc. Other users can vote for them, leave comments and chat with them, or rate published materials. Also, users are able earn value points, badges and build their statuses on the app based on activities.
    Very powerful admin cms where administrator is able manage app content and users activities, or to manage adds on the app


    • Long Term Contract (since 2017.)
    • Completely project outsourced to Linum
    • Project Wireframes
    • Project Mockups
    • Software Architecture Design
    • UX/UI consulting
    • PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, AJAX
    • Laravel, SaSS, Responsive
    • API implementation: PayPall payment, Google, Facebook
    • API implementation: YouTube, Vimeo
    • Custom CMS for administrators
    • Server and sytem administrating
    • Google Analytics
    • Scrum Methodology, Ticketing system, Support



    • Long Term Contract (since 2011.)
    • Project completely outsourced to Linum
    • Linum Outsourcing Model 2.0 implemented
    • Software Architecture Design
    • Design: UI, UX, GUI
    • PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, AJAX, API
    • Custom CMS (20 roles)
    • Server and sytem administrating
    • Scrum Methodology, Ticketing system

    Data Storage Managing Application

    Web application for a cloud storage solution with live streaming of servers’ status. Users are able to configure and scale resources (RAM, HDD, CPU) in real time as needed. Also, user are able to set-up, configure and maintain their servers in the cloud.


    • Long Term Contract (since 2015.)
    • Completely project outsourced to Linum
    • Linum Outsourcing Model 2.0 implemented
    • Software Architecture Design
    • Design: UI, UX, GUI
    • NodeJS, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery
    • API implementation
    • Custom CMS for administrators and users
    • Scrum Methodology, Ticketing system

    Web Shop
    Complete web shop solution (in-house project)

    Web Shop application designed for every kind of product (clothing, shoes, jewelry, home, garden, tools, beauty, health, toys, games, films, sports, outdoors, books, audible, electronics, computers, etc).
    - B2C and B2B solutions
    - Custom design
    - Custom editing through CMS
    - Detailed product description with images (all product description, images and prices entering an administrator through CMS)
    - Custom items fi lter selection on request (category, type, model, price range selector, color, size, year, equipment...)
    - Sales, dicounts and prices changing on click
    - Creating main page and product pages by administrator
    - Real time availability of items on stock
    - Integration with ERP
    - Users log in with list of ordered items and shipping status (live tracking status)
    - Integrated payment process (Credit cards, PayPal, etc)
    - Administrator follow and change items through CMS
    - Notifications (Confirm order, Ordered items, etc)
    - Free trial


    • Long-term project (since 2015.)
    • Software Architecture Design
    • Design (UI, UX, custom GUI)
    • PHP, MySQL
    • HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, AJAX
    • Responsive for mobile devices
    • Custom CMS for administrators and users

    Not published yet

    Web application for price comparing for Mobile Data Roaming services. Users choose home country, home mobile operator, destination country and submit. Application will show all mobile operators for selected destination with prices, the best value and who is partner operator with chosen home operator.
    - B2C and B2B solutions


    • Complete solution from idea to realization
    • Visual Identity for new brand
    • Logo, business papers (business card, envelop and memo)
    • Software Architecture Design
    • Design (GUI)
    • User Interface and User Experience design
    • PHP, MySQL
    • HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery
    • Custom CMS
    • Responsive for mobile devices
    • iOS application - native
    • Android application - native
    • Scrum Methodology

    Health Portal


    • Completely solution from idea to realization for health portal.
    • Design
    • PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS,
    • JS, jQuery, AJAX
    • Responsive for mobile devices
    • Custom CMS for editing and news ordering



    • HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery
    • Subcontractor



    • PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery,
    • Mobile version (responsive HTML)
    • Subcontractor



    • HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery
    • Subcontractor

    DGI Interiors


    • WordPress
    • Creating theme
    • PHP, MySQL
    • HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery
    • Subcontractor

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